• Why take the test?

    Completed GoldFynch 101? Test your knowledge of using GoldFynch for eDiscovery so you can avoid wasting time troubleshooting problems later.

    Whether you're new to the platform or you've already been using it for years, the test certificate signals your skill at handling a newer Cloud eDiscovery services like GoldFynch. So, you can use it to upgrade your CV and LinkedIn profile.

  • Do I pay for the test?

    Yes, you’ll pay a small one-time fee. After that, retakes are free. (Note: For a limited period we are currently offering the test for free)

  • How long will it take?

    The test has 20 multiple-choice questions and will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete.

  • Do I have to have completed the GoldFynch 101 course to take the test?

    You do not have to complete the GoldFynch 101 course to be eligible to take the test, but we still highly recommend doing so to quickly familiarize yourself with all its core systems.

  • How do I get my certificate?

    We’ll help you download it once you’ve passed the test. We can also help you share it on LinkedIn.

  • I lost my certificate. What do I do?

    Not a problem. We’ll replace it for free. Just log into your GoldFynch Academy account and go to this link.

  • Why am I not able to sign in with my GoldFynch account details?

    Signup for courses and tests offered on GoldFynch Academy is separate from accounts used on the GoldFynch eDiscovery platform. You can create a new account for GoldFynch Academy or sign in using Linkedin, Facebook or Google here.

  • How do I link my certificate to LinkedIn?

    While viewing your certificate, click on the "Copy Link" button at the bottom of the certificate's page, then paste it in the "Credential ID" field while adding a LinkedIn certification. Copy in the other details of your certificate like the Date Issued and the Certificate ID, and set the Issuing Organization to GoldFynch eDiscovery.