How It Works

  • Do the course

    It’s a stepwise guide that covers all of GoldFynch’s core features. And it’s free!

  • Take the test

    Answer multiple-choice questions to test your GoldFynch skills (for a one-time fee)

  • Get certified

    Pass the test & download our certificate. We’ll help you share it on LinkedIn, too.

Why Take the Course?

  • Work faster & better.

    Master GoldFynch and you’ll speed up eDiscovery reviews, make fewer mistakes, and need less tech support.

  • Build credibility.

    You’ll get a certificate when you pass the paid test. Post it on LinkedIn and add it to your CV to build credibility.

  • Upskill yourself.

    Law firms and businesses see eDiscovery’s potential. So, learning to use software like GoldFynch increases your bargaining power.

What’s In The Course?

Here’s what you’ll learn.

  1. 1
    • Creating a GoldFynch account and case

    • Uploading files to your Goldfynch case

    • Sharing your GoldFynch case

  2. 2
    • Review: Navigate, Search, and View Files

    • Tagging and Redacting Files

    • Advanced Search

  3. 3
    • Production

  4. 4
    • Add-on Services

  5. 5
    • Addendum: Payment & Billing


  • How much does this cost?

    The course is free. If you choose to get certified, you’ll pay a small one-time fee to take the test. (Retaking the test is free, too.)

    Note: For a limited period we're offering the test for free.

  • Do I have to take the test?

    We suggest you do, to check that you understand GoldFynch’s core concepts. (Test your skills now and make fewer mistakes later.) However, you’re free to skip the test. You can finish the course and start GoldFynching directly.

  • Do I have to complete the course to take the test?

    We recommend taking the course before attempting the test, but if you wish to take it directly you can do so here.

  • Why am I not able to sign in with my GoldFynch account details?

    Signup for courses and tests offered on GoldFynch Academy is separate from accounts used on the GoldFynch eDiscovery platform. You can create a new account for GoldFynch Academy or sign in using Linkedin, Facebook or Google here.

  • I’m new here. What is GoldFynch?

    GoldFynch is a Cloud eDiscovery platform that you subscribe to for an affordable monthly fee. Learn more about GoldFynch.